Donna Whitehead

Rev. Donna Whitehead

Hello and welcome to

I am excited about the opportunity to share with you and to write about the adventure of being on a spiritual journey.

As a teacher, a speaker , and a pastor, I am always looking for ways to counsel, motivate, inspire, affirm, and empower others.

I believe we can all keep moving–keep growing–keep looking for doors in our lives to open in our future.

I now see that God’s plan for our lives is so much bigger and better than our own plan and that He specializes in opening doors!
Come join me as we walk through them.


Dr. Larry George, Dallas-Denton District Superintendent with Donna on Riverboat Cruise

As people who travel, every once in a while we  go on a trip that opens up a new world for us and helps us  understand a different culture.   I experienced that this summer in a trip with 30 friends and United Methodist colleagues to the continent of Africa.

We flew to Johannesburg, South Africa and from there to Harare, Zimbabwe so that we could participate in the dedication of a  new hospital at African University that we all helped to raise money for.  What an adventure and what a satisfying experience!

I have always been drawn to African people and now I understand why:  their resources are few, but their Spirits are strong.  In general, they know how to overcome the circumstances they find themselves in and do not let small matters such as lack of electricity, email and internet connections that do not work, and lack of transportation deter them from moving forward.  They do not whine or dwell on things that are missing in their lives.   Instead they triumph in matters of the spirit and of the soul.

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