Unstoppable Woman

UNSTOPPABLE WOMAN—Stories of American Character from North Texas

I am featured in this recent book, which is a mentoring book for women of all ages.  It is written about women who have overcome obstacles, challenges, and discrimination–women  who have the dedication and determination to be successful.  These women are all wonderful role models.  The book is a “must read” for all women moving ahead in their careers, in their lives, and in their faith journeys.  I believe men who enjoy learning from women will gain much from the book also.

I hope that by telling my faith story in this book women and men of all ages will come to see that we are all life-long learners and that our journeys involve constant growth and stretching.  God seems to not only tolerate questions; God appears to welcome and delight in them and use them to move us along.    I have found that answers don’t  necessarily come easily, for they come by  looking at both sides of an issue. In fact, I understand more and more what a wise teacher  of mine meant when he said that truth was found in paradox.

The questions I continually ask have to do with  how God works, how God speaks, and what our role is in all of that.  Many of you are asking the same type of questions, and I want to encourage you to continue.  As we gain insights about those questions, we understand more about what it means to live fully as a human being.

My faith story is about an “unstoppable” woman working for balance in her life and juggling many different roles while ministering to men and women in two of the largest churches in Dallas.  The story is about leading by learning to follow and preaching while learning to listen.  It is about the journey God calls each of us to go on.

Following  are two  excerpts  from a part of the book that features my story:

“Donna is a pioneer and trailblazer in her field; however, she would be a pioneer and trailblazer in any other field she chose.  Those of faith are very fortunate she chose the ministry as her field.  Professionally she is known as someone who will do what is necessary to accomplish the mission of the church, and on large church staffs, she is known for getting the job done.  She has given attention and leadership to building the infrastructure of two of the largest United Methodist congregations in the country, and she is someone who believes in God and people deeply.”
(p. 168)

“‘I knew that God was all-powerful (as our Creator), but I began to experience God’s power in a new way, not as One who controls outward circumstances, but as One who encourages, influences, shapes, empowers.  I saw that God does all of this for me and for others while also being constantly available, eager to help in any way.”
(p. 172)

Dina Moor writes a poem that captures the spirit of the book:

From her head to her toes,
You can tell she knows
Just where she’s going.

Unstoppable Woman

And that look in her eye,
Isn’t hard to spy
Because it gleams.

This woman has the desire,
And will not retire
Before she’s finished.

She’s determined to achieve.
Inclined to believe
She brings good to the world.

She’s Unstoppable.
Yes, she’s Unstoppable.
There’s nothing too hard to overcome.

She’s unstoppable.
Yes, she’s unstoppable.
At the end of the day, she’s won.
Unstoppable Woman!

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